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What are the bean bags filled with?
We fill our bean bags with upcycled foam chips for maximum comfort! We do not add any filler other than foam, you are paying for quality so that is what you will get!

Are the bean bag covers removable and washable?
Yes and yes! The covers are easy to zip off and pop into the washing machine! Cold wash, do not tumble dry. Hang out to dry (inside out to prevent fading.)

How do I order?
Simply complete the quote request form on our site, or WhatsApp/ email us. We will then send you a quote including courier. Once your order has been confirmed and payment has been made, we will start manufacturing your beautiful bean bags!

How long does it take to make up an order?
The beauty of our small bean bag business is that our turnaround time is a lot less than bigger companies, a standard order takes about two weeks to have ready, sometimes even less!


Refunds and returns:

Please note that we do not offer refunds or returns once payment has been made. Each bean bag is custom-made, to suit your exact specifications.

Do you courier throughout South Africa?
Yes, we courier bean bags to your doorstep. Courier takes about 2-3 days.

Do you courier to Gaborone, Botswana?
Yes, we have already sent over 50 bean bags to Gaborone! Once you have requested a quote we can confirm import duty fees and all other necessary information! Ordering a few bean bags at once can bring down the courier fee, so why not order with friends!

How are your bean bags packaged for delivery?
We vacuum pack all bean bags to keep courier fees as low as possible. Since the foam has been compressed for delivery purposes, all bean bags will need about 3-5 days to grow back to their natural size. It is worth the wait!

Are the outdoor fabrics waterproof?
Our outdoor fabrics are water-resistant and should not be left out in the rain!

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